“These guys taught me more about presentation skills in half a day, than I’d learnt in the previous twenty years.’’ Adam Eaton , AVIVA

Performance Coaching

Public speaking, important presentations and conferences are about much more than PowerPoint slides. At cmt we coach you on your personal impact, how to package messages and ways to gain maximum connection. This might be through the use of personal stories or interactive sessions. Our approach to performance coaching is to help you to unleash your personality so that you feel more confident and can engage others with lightness, authenticity and charisma. Captivating an audience is not a skill some are born with. It is something we can all learn to do in our own way. We will be your supporter in this endeavour encouraging you to be your boldest self so that you look forward to connecting with an audience and delivering a memorable and creative message.




The areas we cover are:

  • Being comfortable, confident and able to and own the space
  • Bringing greater vocal variety to ensure engagement
  • To have more ‘presence’ through your physicality and use of gesture
  • Managing the audience and sequencing their emotional states
  • The use of difference to emphasis a message and make it memorable
  • Refining messages through structure and organisation
  • Use of metaphor and storytelling

in the room, online, blended

We’ve worked with a number of different suppliers over the years providing bespoke learning. All of these are delivered by experts in their field, some are certified to academic standards and are published authors. The cmt course stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It receives consistently high feedback scores with comments such as “the best course I’ve ever been on”.  Overall: Very professional. Highly credible. Hugely impactful. This is the best learning we deliver to our team!

Mark Aldrich, Internal Capability Lead, HMRC