We have been inspiring communicators for more than twenty-five years. As a former BBC News Editor and a Royal Shakespeare Company Voice Coach we took the best practices from the radio, television, and theatre into the world of business.

When we started this business we had a lot of enthusiasm, a bagful of tools and techniques and a clear idea of what energetic and engaging communication looked like. We were successful and our participants immediately began to make the changes that they wanted.

However, we would sometimes find when working with the same people again that some of their skill had ‘slipped off.’ They said, ‘it wasn’t really them.’ We quickly added to our skill set techniques around identity, mind-set and beliefs, coaching skills, and applied neuroscience to help people embody their communication and leadership.

Our approach really sticks because it is built around the individual, helping them to find communication styles and behaviours that are authentic so that they don’t feel fake or they are putting on a show. It leads to real connection and delivers the true meaning behind their words as well as trust in what they say. We believe it is this all-encompassing mind and body approach that differentiates us.

Our mission is to inspire communicators to fulfil THEIR potential.

Helen Eyre and David Willis, Partners cmt

what do our clients say about us...

“After shifting our corporate strategy, we engaged cmt to help our leaders communicate the organization’s vision in a compelling way. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all product, cmt partnered with us to customize a program that met our specific business needs. Engagement scores surrounding future vision increased 22 percentage points amongst business leaders and across the broader organization; a remarkable result in a year of change.   ”

Laila Gillies, Head of Human Resources,
Hiscox USA
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“We’ve worked with a number of different suppliers over the years providing bespoke learning. All of these are delivered by experts in their field, some are certified to academic standards and are published authors. The cmt course stands head and shoulders above the rest. It receives consistently high feedback scores with comments such as “the best course I’ve ever been on”. Overall: Very professional. Highly credible. Hugely impactful. This is the best learning we deliver to our team!”

Mark Aldrich, Internal Capability Lead,

“Without doubt one of the best courses I've been on, in terms of practical tips, tailor-made feedback and relevant skills. Highly Recommended.”

Fiona Green, Ministry of Defence

“It's always a pleasure working with cmt, they have a wealth of experience working with senior and future leaders and understanding their context. I love the energy and insight they bring to understanding and developing effective leadership behaviours. WIG has worked with them over many years with groups from across the civil service, industry and non-profit sectors.”

Lorraine King, Former Head of Leadership,
The Whitehall & Industry Group