This course will help you develop the crucial business skill of speaking and presenting in person and on screen. It is a highly practical and popular and will enable you to present in a coherent, concise and compelling way. It also includes how to structure a memorable message so as to create the maximum engagement with your audience. You will receive specific feedback on the content of your message, how its landing and coaching to boost your delivery skills. At the end of the programme you will feel more confident and credible as a presenter.


This courses will enable you to:

  • Produce and deliver more stimulating and powerful presentations internally and externally
  • Organise and deliver presentations in a coherent, concise and compelling way
  • Increase your credibility and be a more memorable speaker
  • Use your voice with more variety, authority and power
  • Increase the impact of your body language
  • Develop greater competence and confidence speaking to individuals and groups
  • Get your key message across in 30 seconds or less

These guys taught me more about presentation skills in half a day, than I’d learnt in the previous twenty

Adam Eaton
OD Specialist
Royal Air Force
6 - 12 delegates

As an in-person event

As an entirely virtual programme

As a blended experience with both virtual and in-person delivery