Achieving your outcome and influencing is not just about putting together a logical message. It requires an understanding of the politics involved and the appropriate level of impact to ensure that your message gets heard and acted upon. This programme focuses on the behaviours that underpin successful influencing to give you more options when communicating at meetings or speaking to groups. We will also work with you to boost the impact that you have in these situations.  This programme is not about being ‘brash’ or manipulative, it is designed to help you feel confident and build the flexibility to turn-up the right bit of your personality at the right time.


This courses will enable you to:

  • Develop a greater array of influencing styles
  • Communicate with greater credibility
  • Engage others and be more approachable
  • Deliver challenging messages and be able to deal with push-back
  • Remain calm and credible in uncertain situations
  • Connect better with others
  • Be able to read and influence the group dynamic

Superb. Significantly exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Steve Langan
Former CEO
Hiscox USA
6 - 12 delegates

As an in-person event

As an entirely virtual programme

As a blended experience with both virtual and in-person delivery