Research shows that the most feared conversations are not personal, they are professional. We try to avoid having conversations with our colleagues about poor performance, money and workplace behaviour. The aim of this workshop is to help you build a resolute but not combative approach to difficult conversations.  To do this we will explore how you keep the channel of communication open by being a good listener, and ensuring that the message is truly heard. Additionally, resolving a challenging situation is not about ducking the core issues. It is about recognising and validating the other persons experience while also helping them to take ownership to ensure they make the appropriate changes.


This courses will enable you to:

  • Have more honest and open conversations
  • Challenge more elegantly while maintaining the relationship
  • Deliver a message with more authority and/or sensitivity
  • Avoid unnecessary conflict when putting your views forward
  • Reading others to make sure you have ‘permission’ to air your views
  • Increase awareness of your behavioural preferences and their impact

cmt understand our values and helps leaders to connect, inspire and build trust in a real way

Des Johnson
Organisational Development Manager
6 - 12 delegates

As an in-person event

As an entirely virtual programme

As a blended experience with both virtual and in-person delivery