This workshop enables you to assert yourself with skill in different situations at work. It focuses on the mind-set and behaviours that increase self-confidence so you can be more assertive whilst respecting the rights of others.

You will gain more awareness of how you come across to others in certain contexts, and ways to move towards more empowering, respectful and assertive behaviours. This might be with more energy from being passive to more assertive, or to tone down aggressive behaviours to ensure respect and consideration towards others.      

You’ll develop practical behaviours to give you more choices about how you respond to situations involving work colleagues, clients, and suppliers.



This courses will enable you to:

  • Recognise four main default behaviours (assertive, aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive)
  • Notice which of these behaviours you resort to under stress and when and why this happens
  • Develop more behavioural flexibility so you manage difficult situations with more choices and skill
  • Gauge when to hold back and when to push to be heard
  • Learn how to say no with confidence

cmt provide relevant, highly practical content, delivered by excellent facilitators, and are a trusted partner to work with

Lynne McCormick
Head of Leadership
Rolls Royce
6 - 12 delegates

As an in-person event

As an entirely virtual programme

As a blended experience with both virtual and in-person delivery