CMT Inspiring Communicators

Inspiring and leading others is both a mindset and skill, which can be learnt. It involves outstanding communication, presentation and relationship skills, clear thinking, state management and an utter belief and confidence in your mission. At cmt we have been working with managers and leaders for more than twenty-five years delivering these crucial skills from first line manager to CEO and board level through tailored courses and coaching.

The secret to our success is concentrating on embedding the behaviours that make a difference. Our delegates speak of transformational experiences where they feel liberated and able to be their natural, authentic, positive selves. 

“in today's competitive world, the value cmt add, is like gold dust’’

Mark Kelsey, CEO, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

popular programmes with cmt

I lead PwC’s suite of CFO programmes aimed at future and newly appointed CFOs of FTSE 100/250 businesses. cmt lead a practical session on executive presence. Out of the 25+ speakers on the programme ranging from current partners through to guest CFOs and lecturers from London Business School, cmt’s sessions score the highest, averaging 4.9 and 4.7 out of 5.  This is an exceptional score given the high level we expect as a firm and the high standards expected from the delegates.

Bimal Karaji, Head of CFO Programmes, PwC

in the room, online, blended

Connection and people skills have never been more important. The ability to collaborate and stay open to new ideas is not just important it is a necessity. Connecting with different types of people by understanding where they are coming from and what they value is vital to motivating a team and breaking down barriers. Leading in these times means bringing your whole self not just your head to work, this is why authentic presence is crucial. Without presence and self-awareness there is no resilience.

These are the areas in which we can support you. Our work is not about theories or models it is about ‘doing’. We focus on communication that helps you cut through the noise both in a room and in the virtual world.  So you can communicate, influence and present with integrity by embodying the genuine relationship skills that brings a team together. We will help you to authentically flex your style by ‘turning up’ the right part of your personality at the right time.